3 Quick Ways to Build Rapport
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3 Quick Ways to Build Rapport

Rapport building is a key skill that every successful person has or quickly learns to develop - it is the art of getting people to LIKE you by identifying with you personally and associating their own personal identity with your own cause. Without this skill, many well meaning business owners, managers, sales reps, coaches and customer service reps, will fail to achieve success. So carve your own path throw the jungle of life and follow these 3 quick steps to rapport building success.

Building a relationship with others could both be an easy and difficult task. Many people are blessed with an inborn ability to get to know and befriend others easily. However, many people too are shy by nature and they find it difficult to establish affinity with others. Each of us can build rapport with other people by following the simple tips discussed in this article.

  1. Smile – Do you notice how a baby reacts to a smiling face? She answers back with a delighted smile and sparkle in her eyes. A smile is the most potent human gesture to connect a person with other people. Strangers become friends just with this effortless act. A smile connotes warmth, the desire to be pleasant to the other person and to show that you are pleased to be with him, even for a brief moment of your time. It is the most effective way to bridge the gap between friends and strangers.

  2. Talk AND Listen – Speech is one of the most valuable gifts given to man. It allows us to express ourselves and thus connect with other persons. Thru speech, other people learn about who we are, how we feel, what we want and how we think. We always want to create a happy conversation with others. However, we should remember that a good conversationalist is someone who listens to the other person he is communicating with. He does not try to monopolize the conversation. He does not talk about himself only but allows others to express also their own opinions and feelings. This way, he does not sound boring, thus meeting and knowing him would indeed become a pleasant experience.

  3. Be Natural – We always want to create a good impression. In the process, we sometimes tend to pretend. We may try to change some aspects of our personality to please a new friend. Let us remember that each one of us is unique in our own ways. That we are imperfect human beings with strengths and weaknesses. Being your real self is more relaxing and enjoyable than pretending to be what you are not. You build easier rapport with others when you show your real self. We all have innate good qualities which can endear us to other people and they can come out naturally by being ourselves.

It is one of our primary needs, to live harmoniously with other people in this planet. With faith in yourself and respect for other people, building rapport with others is never impossible.

For more tips and tricks on rapport building, follow me or come join the Strategy Life Coaching blog.

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