Customer Service: Keeping Your Customers Satisfied and Wanting Your Business
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Customer Service: Keeping Your Customers Satisfied and Wanting Your Business

Tips about Customer Service Satisfaction and keeping your customers wanting your business.

 Are you a new business owner and established business owner and are experiencing a hard time retaining your customers?

Don't worry you are not alone, almost all start-up businesses and established businesses experience issues with "keeping their customers satisfied". Every business keeps open and generating revenue by having customers, developing customer and business relationships is the key element to the success and longevity of the business. And providing excellent customer service is a round the clock job, in this article we will go over the steps needed to create a successful customer service team, service audit programs, training and knowledge. Then we will conclude on how doing all of these steps will increase sales, customer satisfaction and reduce marketing and advertising costs along with reducing customer complaints and refunds. 

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How many customer service representatives (CSR) do you employ? Do you evaluate their communication skills? Provide continued training and education about your products and services? Is your team required to smile when responding to customers? What communication mediums do you provide? Are your customer service representatives experience in handling conflict resolution? Are your CSR's happy working for you?

Keeping your customers wanting your business and satisfied with your products and services does not only rely on having a great product or service that you provide, it relies on having customer service reps who are training, friendly, established and have knowledge about promotions, discounts, new services, service changes and products. 

  • Hire friendly, outgoing, professional customer service reps who are comfortable with dealing with customers and handling/resolving customer complaints.
  • Requiring that your CSR's keep a smile on their face when responding to a customer is essential. Customers can hear the tone in your voice, they can tell if a CSR is frustrated, angry, happy or sad and they will respond to negative tones. Maintaining a smile when dealing with customers, even angry customers, will also help keep your CSR relaxed.
  • Have your CSR's develop personal relationships with your customers. Customers feel important and will want to return to work with someone who is familiar with them, having your CSR's remember to address your customers by name, remember important facts about your customers, such as family, buying habits, likes and dislikes, will increase customer demand for your business. 
  • Provide an extensive training program for your CSR's, show them how to handle customer complaints, sell your product or service, establish and maintain customer relationships.
  • Provide ongoing training and educational programs for your CSR's.
  • Implement a Service Audit Program. These are very useful and common in all businesses and are set up to monitor the progress and give feedback to your CSR's about their performance. Often businesses will set up call monitoring and recording to be able to assess how the customer is being handled, call times, hold times and wrap-up times, these audits are performed monthly, semi-annually and annually and will depend on how many CRS's are employed.
  • Setting customer satisfaction goals for your CSR's is very important to keeping your customers happy. If a CSR has received X amount of complaints in less than X amount of time, you will need to reconsider the term of their employment with your company. 
  • Provide adequate reward systems for your CSR's, give them bonuses, weekly challenges and prizes, such as extra paid time off, priority vacation request, gift cards or cash incentives. Keeping your CSR's happy, will keep your customers happy and returning for your business. 



Now that we have discussed your customer service team, lets move onto how keeping your customers satisfied will increase your business. The primary reasons why a customer may not return for your business are; unfriendly customer service representatives, low product or service quality, high prices, response time to customer service request and complaints and processing time for refunds or credits. Here are a few tips to keeping those customers satisfied and wanting your business.

  • Maintain response times to customer requests, complaints and compliments. Most businesses state that they will respond to a customer within 24 hours to address their request. If a customer is on hold too long, has to wait three days to receive a response, they will often not return for your business.
  • Provide adequate processing time for refunds and credits. Investigate the reason quickly, assess all of the facts and then within 2 - 6 hours respond to your customer stating when they will receive their refund and if possible process all refund and credit request promptly. Start with the latest customer request and work your way to the most recent customer request.
  • Implement a "Satisfaction Guarantee" into your business. This will let the customer know that you are serious about maintaining relationships and that your customers come first.
  • Implement discount and promotional programs, such as loyalty incentives, referral programs and affiliate programs, along with your current promotions and discounts on your products and services.
  • Maintain and update your web site, products, news and discounts, create a blog on your site with forms for customers to interact, ask and get answers to questions quickly.  
  • Provide your customers with adequate communication portals such as email, phone, fax and postal mail. If customers feel that your business is unreachable or difficult to contact they will more then likely not return. 
  • Offer customer service surveys and make them convenient for the customer to complete, this is a great way to get feedback and improve your business. 
  • Always send "Thank you" letters to your clients, new and old. This shows customer appreciation and will keep them returning for your business knowing that you run a professional and friendly operation.

Maintaining your business can be very expensive, with the promotions, marketing, advertising and especially unsatisfied customers. Using these tips will not only increase customer demand, it will keep them satisfied, increase sales, reduce marketing and advertising costs along with the reduction of customer complaints, refunds and credits.

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