Direct TV Customer Review
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Direct TV Customer Review

There has been price gouging in several industries for years. Some things are things we need to live or get by, while others are simply for entertainment. With the entertainment businesses charging so much for their services customers assume that they are getting great quality and worry free services for their money. Some of these companies have a hidden agenda that unless you read the FINE print you are going to be surprised on your next bill.

For those of us who enjoy watching a little television from time to time it has become a necessity to have cable or satellite television these days. We can thank politicians and lobbyists for that one. For several years my family and I have watched our shows online via Netflix and Hulu. Cable has become so expensive for what? Most of the channels are duplicate channels or channels that play the same shows. Well our internet provider offered us a “Great DEAL.”

Through Clear we were offered a discount on Direct TV. After setup through Clear we received a pamphlet which had instructions for surveys that would lower our bill to a low price around $30 after taxes. We would receive a package with over 200 channels that is valued at nearly $70 a month and we would get the equipment and hook-up for free. “GREAT DEAL” right? WRONG!!!

What Clear was unaware of along with my wife and I was that Direct TV gets you through a malicious contract. After they take the first payment of $19.95 you don’t have to pay for the next two months. Still sounds good? The contract is a two year contract that states you get your price locked in for 1 year. After the first year they will charge you the “Current” rate. So if the $70 package happened to have gone up that is what you will pay for the next 12 months. To make matters worse, they have cancelation fees as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more fees I had overlooked.

I cancelled before I signed the contract. Then I called the supervisor at our local Clear store to fill him in on what had transpired. Clear should not have Direct TV’s foul play reflect upon them. My advice to anyone signing up for cell phone, internet, or cable service is to read your contracts carefully before you sign them. You would be surprised what companies can get away with so long as it is in the contracts.

Direct TV, you had my family excited only to break them down. Your service is not worth $70 just to watch shows I can watch for free online. You need to lower your prices and be more competitive especially because the picture goes out more often than any other service provider. Cable doesn’t go out as much and my internet holds a hi-definition picture so long as it is offered by the show. I even have surround sound through my PC. Beat that Direct TV.

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Article by Kevin C Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”

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