How to Deal with Feedback for Your Business
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How to Deal with Feedback for Your Business

Refusing to look feedback for your businesses practices in the face is a huge mistake. If you're not going to fix the problems in your business, then somebody else is going to fix that problem in theirs, and you will be left stranded. Seeking feedback, then promptly acting on it, is a trait of the most successful people in business. Here are some ways to deal with feedback for your business.

  • Every complaint is a gift. It sounds crazy but it's true. If a customer is complaining, they are offering you a chance to make it right. This is the better alternative to them leaving unhappy, not complaining, and never returning. A complaint is an opportunity for you to turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer, but not only that, an evangelist for your business. Have you ever had a bad experience, that turned out good because the business worked so hard to satisfy you, to please you, and to rectify your problem? Use the same practice in your business. Be concerned, and genuine, when you hear about complaints from your customers. Thank them sincerely for notifying you of the problem, and then tell them how you are going to fix it. Go one step further, and tell them what you are going to do to prevent it from happening to anyone else in the future. They will respect your good customer service, and likely come back.
  • Change "I don't know" into "I will find out for you." A customer has come to you for a solution to their problem. You cannot leave them hanging. You either have to find out a way to supply them with what they need, or refer them to someone who can help them. There is no shame in letting a customer know "Oh, we don't carry that particular brand. We do have this brand, which works just as well, but if you are set on the other brand, the store down the street carries them." You can smile, and send them on their way if they are very set on that brand. However, they will remember that you helped them, and that goes a lot further than withholding information out of spite.
  • Avoid washing your hands clean of an issue. By this, I mean, be accountable. If a person comes to you with a problem, do not shift the blame to suppliers, shippers, your neighbors cat. Take ownership, even if it was the fault of some other link in the process. Customers don't care that your supplier has been slipping up lately - they only care that their problem is fixed. Say you're sorry, take ownership, and execute a solution.

Feedback is so important for your business to thrive. It can make the biggest different, making or breaking you, depending on how you respond to it. So keep these tips in mind next time you receive a customer concern or complaint.

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