How to Use Twitter to Resolve Customer Service
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How to Use Twitter to Resolve Customer Service

Using Twitter to resolve customer service issues isn't as far fetched as it sounds. I have used Twitter to help resolve customer service issues a few times now and have found it to be helpful. Using Twitter not only expedited the resolution but the customer service representatives have been pleasant to work with. Issues can be handled effectively with Twitter, but some rules of the road should be followed when tweeting any customer service department.

People are utilizing social media in just about every conceivable way. It is little wonder that customer and companies are asking how to use Twitter to resolve customer service issues. People have sent messages on Twitter asking friends or family members to phone for help. It has also been used to announce births, keep family members updated on vacation plans, ask for prayers and share information.

Before using Twitter to handle customer service complaints there are a few things that you should know.

Public forum

Stating frustrations on Twitter is one thing but outright bad-mouthing is another. There isn't any reason to call names or be especially annoying. Always keep in mind that this is a public forum. Bad-mouthing a company or person does more to make you look bad than anything else. Simply state your frustration and go from there.

@ Message the right person or department

To use Twitter to resolve a customer service complaint double check the address. Twitter names can be very similar to the other. Be sure that you send the @ message to the right company, department or person. Apologize promptly if you happen to message the wrong person.

Be succinct

Keep the message short and to the point. You probably have a lot that you want to say. The problem is that you only have 140 characters to do it. Long updates may not be helpful. When resolving customer service issues on Twitter the adage 'more is better' certainly holds true.

Additional information

Most customer service issues are very complex and may require more than Twitter. If requested, be prepared to provide additional information by direct message or via a follow-up phone call to customer service of the company you are working with. Twitter may not directly resolve your customer service issues but it can go a long way toward getting that door open.

Be reasonable

One of the reasons that people use Twitter is to get an immediate response. Be reasonable in both your expectations and your requests. The business world is still learning how to use Twitter to resolve customer service issues. Don't be surprised if you receive a tweet back in short order and have additional contact with someone else in a few days.

Last resort

Use Twitter last when it comes to resolving customer service issues. Phone calls, faxes and even emails may provide a swifter resolution. Tweeting seems to be much more effective if you have your other bases covered first. 

Say thanks

Send a public @ messase to say thanks when customer service issue is resolved trough Twitter. The effort takes fewer than 140 characters, can be done in only a few seconds and is a nice thing to do.  

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