The Consumer Needs To Stand For Their Rights
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The Consumer Needs To Stand For Their Rights

The consumer needs to stand for their rights as they need to be respected for their place in society. The staff within a retail store or outlet need to recognize that a consumer has entered their premises with the thought to conduct business. This obviously means a profit for the outlet and payment of wages as well. If there is a problem a customer can either speak directly to the person, their superior to consumer Affairs Office. The consumer should be able to simply conduct buying items in a simple manner. At times this has been highlighted with problems that should not occur.

The consumer has rights to stand by, not to be walked over by business. In Australia, the office that protects us is known as Consumer Affairs, or The office of fair-trading.

It has become common place where customers are either treated with the respect they deserve or are not served through sheer laziness it seems. This is an alarming problem, one would think do staff really deserve the honour of even having a well-paid position or is it best to relieve them. Some stores deserve to be reported for some instances of inaction. There are some instances where a special is placed on display for sale. The example is a store is yet to be opened and the stock is within view. When staff has an opportunity the stock is removed. There will be a blatant excuse that would be a lie told to consumers. This act is old folly just to get customers to the store, remove the stock and they will purchase something else.

The consumer has rights and they should exercise them at each opportunity. If a consumer does not complain, nothing will change and the store or group of stores will treat customers as they wish. Customers deserve to be treated properly; there are some great stores and businesses that do treat the public well. It is in their interest as we the buyers move the stock with the power of the dollar. There are situations in this country of Australia, and I envisage in other countries as well, where the boss will go undercover. He or she will see for him/herself at what level the business operates, as well as meeting the individuals whom are employed by the company. This allows changes and allowances to be made where necessary.

People should not be afraid to report something that is not quite right, or speak up to the person or their supervisor. Enough is enough, how many chances are you going to give them. I recall seeing the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ starring Julia Roberts. The shopping scene is exactly what I am talking about, “big mistake, huge” Staff need to realize customers are there to buy items that create profit for the store. If this is not satisfactory, those same customers may shop online. Some of those retailers have seen the impact of online shopping taking business away. It is a sign of the times with generous discounts and free shipping on offer.

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