Would TIME CENTRE Honor Their Warranty on KENKO Watch? (PART 1 of 3)
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Would TIME CENTRE Honor Their Warranty on KENKO Watch? (PART 1 of 3)

If you go to all the effort of keeping your receipts and packaging, and sending back defective merchandise, you may have a happy fairy tale ending to the story of your purchase.

Not sure if TIME CENTRE manufactures watches or just import and distribute, but they sell watches in packaging with the name "Time Out" on it. 

You might have seen their watches in The Crazy Store, one of the outlets their watches are for sale at.  

Now if you're like me, usually when you buy something and it breaks, you might just throw it somewhere in a drawer and forget about it.  Sure products have "warranties" on them, but it's always a schlep to search for where you put the till slip and the packaging for the product, that is if you haven't thrown them away long ago.

Recently I purchased myself a KENKO calculator watch.  I remember having one years ago in school, but, came watermelon festival, I didn't notice my watch got drenched in watermelon juice as we school kids were bombarding each other with watermelon pieces.  Only later I noticed my calculator watch was deceased from drowning in watermelon juice.  

But I do remember how handy it always was to have a calculator handy, because you always unexpectedly want to make some calculations. 

So here I saw a Time Out KENKO calculator watch again, and purchased it.  It is a KENKO KK-628 to be exact.   

At home, I put it on my wrist.  But, oh dear, it wasn't long before the strap came off the watch.  Why did that happen?  

I then noticed it's a design flaw.  There was only a thin, thin piece of plastic keeping the bar that holds the strap, and it had broken out.

Noticing that the design is pretty weak there, I wondered if another unit of the same would be the same in this regard.  Surely the manufacturer knows that the purpose of a wrist watch is to be worn on the arm with a strap;  was it maybe just this particular unit that was unlucky?   KENKO seems to be aiming at making sports watches, at least judging by the picture inside the packaging of men practising different sports.  Surely their watches shouldn't come apart this easily!

Something inside me didn't want to just throw the watch in a drawer and forget about it this time.  I was going to be so happy with a calculator always at hand, in fact just beneath my hand on my arm.  I was not going to deny myself this pleasure.

I assessed the situation. What could be done?  PLEASE CONTINUE READING HERE.

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